Monthly Archives: June 2017

Making peace with the silence that death brings

  My son-in-law Daryl and I were in my late husband’s woodworking shop on a recent evening doing a little project. Well, Daryl was doing the project — I was supervising and my stepdaughter was getting dinner. Daryl was making a brace to stabilize my dogs’ portable exercise pen I acquired to use at camp […]

Healing is an act of courageousness

I want to talk to you about courage. Not the kind where you rescue a stranger from a burning building, when fear and sheer adrenaline drive you. And not the kind where your convictions overrule your better judgment and make you stand up to a bully. Those kinds of courage are bursts from a state […]

Living with the wilder side of my life

I’m thinking I need to stay home more often or I could be in danger of losing control over my own property. I’ve been on the road a lot these past few months for various dog-related reasons — flyball tournaments (dog relay racing), conformation shows (think scaled down Westminster), and a couple of field events […]